About us

About us

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Willem and Monique from the Netherlands. Willem has worked in telecom and has always dreamed of a Bed & Breakfast in France. "I am someone who likes to take care of others and think ahead. If you think about a glass of rosé, I have already poured it for you". Willem's love for cooking ensures that culinary delights await you during your stay.

Monique, on the other hand, has dedicated the past two decades to working for charitable organizations. Before that, she owned a hotel in the picturesque Veluwe in the Netherlands. Monique's passion for wine shines through, as she takes great pleasure in presenting you with a carefully selected assortment of fine wines. Not only will you have the opportunity to try wines from the Bergerac and Bordeaux regions, but also from other corners of France and beyond.

If desired, Monique is more than happy to provide advice or arrange a wine-tasting experience for you.

We live here too

We live here too.

We are Kwiebus and Muis, two big. lovable dogs. We love to play with you, but if you find us a bit too big, we stay in our own ‘garden.’